Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Cuba sehabis baik :) im sory :(

Kadang kadang rasa nak give up..
Tapi..apa yang jadi tak boleh nak elak..
Apa yang perlu aku buat sekarang.. Chin up! Buat sehabis baik..walaupon kadang kadang kau rasa apa yg kau buat tu macam sia sia..tapi ingat janji Allah..  Sesudah kepayahan pasti ada kelapangan di akhirnya =).. Tak ade usaha yang sia sia!  Just move on.. Accelerate your effort..and dont forget to keep praying.. Dont think too much about the other people think about you.. They dont know who are you.. Sometime.. Im being heartless..selfish..and they dont know yet..they are the reason for im being like that.. Hence the only way keep silent..and pray..try harder to avoid from doing the same thing.. 

If all happen because of my wrongdoing, im really wish you could fogive me.. Truthly, i dont do it intentionly.. Some time, some how it happen when im not in a good mood.. Sejak kebelakangan ini, macam macam benda jadi.. And im keep thinking about it..i cant stop my mind from thinking about all of these matter.. I cant.. Lately, im just want to be alone.. And you keep calling me 'anti-social' 'snobish' 'bussy person'. Eventhough im trying to keep pretending im not hear that..but it hurts.. If you dont know my problem..dont make me feel bad.. If only you in my position..then you'll feel what im handling right now..  How can i smile, if youre the roots.. I cant pretend. Sorry for all my bad attitude. Im soryy.. Please let me alone maybe it can help me to feel better.. To find my own mistake. To improve myself. Please understand my situation.. Thank you for all of your really appreciate it..  Hanya Allah dapat membalasnya..

Someone said to me, you have the right to choose the bright future on your own... And forget your dont live there anymore..chin up! Okay =)


#sory for my broken english..i wish a few years from today, ill laugh reading this entry..

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